Reports: Omicron and COVID-19 Analysis Reports & Symptoms Prediction

  • What is GENEIDO & how does it work?

    GENEIDO is a software that analyze pathogen DNA sequences and predicts the health impacts or symptoms the pathogen may create in human. Below is the system block diagram. GENEIDO takes in a DNA sequence which can be a genome of virus or bacteria, a protein or a synthetic DNA strain, then pass it through an internal processor; the processor will reassemble the sequence into a three-layer HUE Chart that are corresponding to embryo germ layers: Heaven (Ectoderm), Human (Mesoderm) and Earth (Endoderm).. The user will combine the information from the HUE Chart and a set of predefined rules, to determine the symptoms.

  • System Block Diagram. Click on the image to enlarge.

    Click here to watch the video and see how GENEIDO works.

  • Besides pathogen genomes, GENEIDO also analyzes proteins and genes. Rivermap aims to use this technology to help the field speed up their research in genetic diseases and cancers.

    Researchers look for patterns. GENEIDO enables them to look at diseases, such as cancers, from a different analytical perspective. It is a good tool for understanding different functions of our genes and their relationships to diseases. HUE Charts generated from GENEIDO show that HPV16 & 18, which are known to cause cervical cancer, contain similar “cancer packets”. In contrast, the tumor suppressing proteins/genes, such as TP53, BRCA1 and BRCA2 show reverse patterns in their HUE Charts.

  • Today, DNA editing technologies are getting more affordable and mature. As a result, the market expects to see a rise in DNA-related products. What are your concerns regarding the safety of DNA products? How can GENEIDO help in DNA engineering?

    I will worry if the DNA products will do exactly what they claim they will do. What about the side-effects? In fact, the designers can find out the functions and side-effects of their DNA products during the design phase using GENEIDO. It’s a lot easier to make changes while the products are still in the lab. It can save the company quite a bit of R&D cost. GENEIDO is the MUST HAVE CRISPR Gene Editing VERIFICAION TOOL for DNA design.

  • How do you lower the total cost of treatments?

    We enable healthcare professionals to use alternative medicine for treatments. Now doctors have more choices; they can go with antibiotics, herbs or other treatment protocols, whichever is more appropriate and cost efffective for their patients.

  • How do you enable alternative medicine practitioners, such as an acupuncturist, to involve in treating infectious diseases?

    Traditionally, Chinese Medicine uses Differential Diagnoses (e.g. checking your tongue and pulse) to determine a patient’s current condition. However, different practitioners may have different opinions about the same condition. Plus, the condition of an infectious disease patient can change very fast. Now with GENEIDO, practitioners can be confident in the DNA based diagnoses which has been tested over the years. Once there is a reliable diagnosis, Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be very effective.

  • If you are interested in the theory & philosophy, here is the BOOK:

    The Rivermap DNA Model and Its Applications (including 45 pathogen genome analyses)



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